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"Photography is the story people fail to put into words."

Photography can defeat time and is the universal language that speaks to the heart. At Photography Club, we believe in the power of photos to spark positive change in a world where the pursuit of self-interest is prioritized by many, its role and power to disseminate truth when all other avenues fail is unparalleled. The Photography club sorts all the happenings on campus into images and publishes them for the NITW community. PGC is the official body that covers all the aspects of NIT Warangal from the beautiful campus to the fests and conferences in the form of stunning photos and videos. Our dedicated and passionate student body always strives to provide different perspectives to the events held on campus and call people's attention to the beauty that surrounds them. In the end, PGC is all about capturing memories and conveying stories.

“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”


Facebook- facebook.com/photographyclubnitw

Email- photographyclub@student.nitw.ac.in

Instagram- @photography_club_nitw

General Secretaries- Sai Shashank           - 8106808902

                                               Varun Arumugam    - 9440132341

Faculty Advisors-     Dr.D.Kashinath    -8332969502

                                             Dr.D.Paul Joseph -8332969475