Welcome to Quiz Club

Welcome to Student Fun University

The Quiz Club takes pride in being one of the most proactive and popular clubs among the student clubs of NIT Warangal.

Comprising twenty members, the club is dedicated to preparing and hosting quality quizzes for the student population on the campus.

Equipped with events ranging from quizzes such as The Joga Bonitos ( an year-long quiz tournament ) to the Annual General Quiz, the club offers a competing platform for the knowledge-hungry students. The gamut of activities include the Quiz Week ( an intra-mural event ) to quizzes covering specific themes, such as business, sports, literature, fine arts, entertainment, history and politics. The Quiz Club also hosts the Business Quiz held as part of the technical festival Technozion every year and quizzes held as part of the cultural festival Spring Spree. With a motivated team of members and an encouraging response from the students, the Quiz Club promises to cultivate a passion for quizzing among the participants.